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There is new pending legislation in Pennsylvania which would require pharmacies to provide accessible prescription labels to those who are blind or low vision or otherwise print impaired. The bill is HB 125. The sponsor of HB 125, Representative Dan L. Miller, is asking for feedback and testimony regarding this important disability legislation. Attached is the draft legislation (provide link). You and your clients/students can send your feedback to: Representative Dan L. Miller, 217 Irvis Office Building, P.O. Box 202042, Harrisburg, PA 17120. Or email his staff, Stephanie Hardman at You can also let your own local representative know how important this bill is as well. Sponsors of HB 125 include Representatives Dan Miller, Thomas Murt, Robert Freeman, Ed Neilson, Justin Simmons, Anthony DeLuca, Carol Hill-Evans, William Kortz, and Joanna McClinton. Penn-Del AER encourages you to provide your feedback on this legislation.

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