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Chapter Documents

During each annual conference, Penn-Del AER holds a chapter membership meeting to present annual reports, approve the budget for the upcoming year, adopt amendments to the chapter bylaws as needed, elect board members for an upcoming three-year term, announce award and scholarship winners, and discuss other important matters. Minutes from previous annual meetings are listed below.

General Assembly Documents

2020 Minutes GA Meeting DRAFT.doc

2019 Minutes GA Meeting APPROVED.pdf

2019 General Meeting Minutes DRAFT.pdf

2018 Minutes GA Meeting APPROVED.doc

2018 Minutes GA Meeting DRAFT.doc

2018 Minutes GA Meeting DRAFT.pdf

2017 Minutes GA Meeting APPROVED.pdf

2016 Minutes GA Meeting APPROVED.pdf

2016 Minutes GA Meeting.doc

2015 Minutes GA Meeting.doc

2014 General Meeting Minutes Draft.pdf

2013 General Meeting Minutes APPROVED.pdf

2013 General Minutes Reviewed.doc

2013 General Meeting Powerpoint.pdf

2012 General Meeting Minutes Approved.pdf

2011 General Meeting Minutes.pdf

2010 General Meeting Minutes.pdf

2009 General Meeting Minutes.pdf