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Download the informational flyer for Session 2 here: pdf

Note: If you are waiting for your certificate from the previous sessions, we apologize for the delay and inconvenience. The issue is being addressed and the certificates will be distributed to you soon.

Update: Rescheduled Date and Information for Session 2

Session 2 with Billy Brookshire

June 23, 2021, 4:30–6:00 pm EDT

“Taking Care of Ourselves:

Helping Ourselves So We Can Help Others”

June 23, 2021, 4:30–6:00 pm EDT

To take care of ourselves personally and professionally, it is important to make space in our lives to “just be,” to identify self-nurturing activities, and to make use of comfortable minutes. In the time we spend together in this workshop, we’ll explore options to help us take better care of ourselves. The good news is that these activities are not difficult, expensive, or time consuming. They can even be shared with your students and clients and with their families!

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Feel free to peruse the resources kit related to taking care of ourselves and resilience.

Download the informational flyer for the Leadership Series here: pdf doc

Session 1: January 28, 2021, 4:30–6:00 pm EST

“Get a Move On!” with Maria Lepore-Stevens

Here is a Dropbox link that includes the January recording and a list of resources.

Link to Session 1 recording

**Postponed** Session 2: February 25, 2021, 4:30–6:00 pm EST

“Taking Care of Ourselves” with Billy Brookshire

**Session 2 Webinar Registration Link has been removed

as the webinar has been postponed as of 2/8/21**

In the meantime, peruse the resources kit related to taking care of ourselves and resilience.

Please stay tuned for more info on its availability. Thanks for your understanding.

Link to Session 2 recording

Link to Session 2 Dropbox materials

Session 3: March 25, 2021, 4:30–6:00 pm EDT

“Penn-Del Rocks!” — Rock Painting with Maureen Army

Session 3 Webinar Registration Link

Army's Resources Session 3 Leadership Series 2021 Penn-Del AER.pdf

Here is the Session 3 Dropbox link that

includes the Penn-Del Rocks recording and the resources.

Download the Prep and Supply list as doc or pdf

Link to Session 3 recording

Road sign with text reading, 'A Fresh Start Just Ahead'

2020 Virtual Penn-Del AER Leadership Series

Building Resilience: Leading and Learning Our Way Through 2020 and Beyond

Resilience and self-sustaining practices have become increasingly more essential for professionals and families during the current challenges from COVID-19. These are learnable tools that can help us move forward with courage and insight. In response, Penn-Del AER is presenting three interactive webinars designed to support professionals in the field of visual impairments and blindness. The webinar series is free, and CEU’s will be offered. The webinars will be 60 minutes in length and will be presented via Zoom Webinar.

Session 1: May 19, 2020 Recording Link

“The Resilient Tool Belt: The Tool Set and the Mind Set”

with Kevin O'Connor

Session 2: June 3, 2020 Recording Link

“Resilience and Hope: Leaning Toward Uncertainty”

with Dr. Amy Armstrong

Session 3: June 17, 2020 Recording Link

"Resilience: Using the Tools and Harnessing the Hope"

with Father James Warnke

2021 Virtual Penn-Del AER Leadership Series

"Taking Charge: Restore, Refresh, Renew"

A Three-Part Series on Self-Care and Resilience

Leadership Series