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Annual Chapter Conference

The Penn-Del AER Conference

April 27–29, 2022

2021 Penn-Del AER Virtual Conference

“Taking Charge: Restore, Refresh, Renew”

A Three-Day Event on Self-Care and Resilience

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Session 1: Get a Move On with Maria Lepore Stevens on January 28, 2021

Session 2: Taking Care of Ourselves: Helping Ourselves So We Can Help Others with Billy Brookshire on June 23, 2021 (rescheduled from February 25, )

Session 3: Penn-Del Rocks! Rock Painting with Maureen Army on March 25, 2021

Opening Session: Welcome, Celebration, and Networking on April 21, 2021

Future-Ready Professionals: Tools to Become the 21st Century Professionals and Penn-Del AER Membership Business Meeting on April 22, 2021

Ask the Doc: An Appointment with Dr. Maria Moon on April 22, 2021

Exhibitor Day AM Session April 23, 2021