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Congratulations to our

Penn-Del AER Membership Incentive Winners

at the 2022 Penn-Del AER Conference!

Gift Card Winners

$25 Target Gift Card – Rebecca Knaub

$25 Amazon Gift Card – Helene Marano

$25 Michael’s Gift Card – Brenda Egan

$25 Amazon Gift Card – Gayle Aquino

2023 Penn-Del AER Annual Conference Winners

Benefits for in-person conference include registration fee and $100 for travel expenses

Kris Ohlinger and Jeannine Penzone


2022 AER International Conference,

St. Louis, Missouri, Winners

Benefits include Early Bird Registration and $500 Travel Expenses.

Maureen Army (2019 Winner)

Gina Bryant (2021 Winner)

For more information, click Membership Drawing.pdf

AER and its Penn-Del Chapter provide ongoing professional development opportunities. The following letter recommends administrators encourage their staff to become members of AER to enjoy the many benefits an AER membership can provide.

Letter to Administrators

VI Supervisor and Administrators Message

Student Invitation to Join AER

Enrolling is easy–with options for payment plans.

Go to the AER International site to become a member!


The networking opportunities through active involvement in the association on the chapter, division, and international levels can aid in professional growth, career advancements, and continued education.


Members are offered access to various publications. The AER Report keeps members informed about Association news and policy. AER offers members a free online subscription to the Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness (JVIB), the official journal of AER, published by the American Foundation for the Blind. Access to back issues of Insight: Research and Practice in Visual Impairment and Blindness, a journal formerly published by AER, is also available.

Professional Development

Ongoing continuing education opportunities for its members are provided at the chapter, regional, and international levels. The chapter’s annual Vision Conference provides opportunities for networking and knowledge growth. AER Job Exchange provides up to date online listing of job openings in the field.


International and Chapter Scholarships are awarded to students who are preparing for a service career in the field of blindness and visual impairment.


AER gives professionals and consumers in the field a collective voice on Capitol Hill to keep the focus on the importance of maintaining specialized blind services for consumers of all ages. AER participates in campaigns aimed at educating the public and decision makers at the state and federal levels about the importance of specialized services for visually impaired people.

Professional Recognition

AER recognizes its members’ outstanding contributions to the field biennially at the AER International conference and yearly at Penn-Del AER Vision Conference.


AER members receive discounts on special AER publications, education programs, conference registration fees, and car rental and hotel discounts.


A professional liability insurance program is available to AER members, along with a comprehensive insurance program package.

Benefits of Membership

Membership Benefits of AER International (parent organization) and Penn-Del AER Chapter (local level)